The birth of the South Bay LA Makeup Artistry Institute occurred after hundreds of students in seminars taught by Global Educator/Artist, Tanya Deemer, repeatedly requested more training under her instruction.  More specifically, she was extremely affected by aspiring makeup artists who didn't have the resources to make their career dreams a reality.  It immediately became her mission to inspire and educate any and all people who desired to express themselves artistically in the makeup/hair industry.  After years of experience in every aspect of this Industry, it was decided that this type of Certification Program is necessary for Makeup Artists to take their career to the next level.  

Utilizing our connections in this exciting industry, we have designed the optimal hands-on learning experience that is necessary for you to be equipped to further your Makeup Artistry Career.  From our Cosmetic Partners to our Film & TV connections and many others in between, we feel so confident in what you will get from this Certification Program.  Not to mention the fact that you will receive not one, but TWO certificates from this 7-day course!  

~  Certificate of Professional Media Makeup Artistry


Certificate of Professional Airbrush Makeup Artistry (taught by an Educator for the World's Leading Airbrush Makeup Company, TEMPTU) ~

The reason this is such an incredible bonus for our Artists, is because of the necessity in this industry for Airbrush Makeup experience.  Not only is Professional Makeup training a must, but in this day and age, so is Airbrush training!  

Let's also not forget that the South Bay LA Makeup Artistry Institute also includes an exclusive "Hairstyling on Set" module, which is pretty much a game-changer!  After completion of our program, you will be qualified to offer grooming services on set, as well as makeup!  Do you have any idea how important that is?!?!  If you visit the website of any major talent agency, you will see that their artists are classified under either Hair Only, Makeup Only or Hair/Makeup combo.  Who do you think gets booked the most?  You guessed it!  The Professional Artists who are also equipped to style hair on men and women.  It's a no-brainer.  

In this social-media influenced day and age, we are completely flooded with tutorials by makeup lovers demonstrating techniques applied on themselves.  As a Professional Media Makeup Artist, you will actually be required to learn the current techniques and trends you see on social media, however, you must learn how to execute them on others!  This is much different than working on your own face, so we have created the ideal techniques for you to be able to deliver the client's desired end result.  The reality is that no two faces are alike (except when working with identical twins!) and you must know how to work with all shapes, sizes and skin conditions when you are planning on working in film, television, editorial, fashion, and even weddings! 

So, in summary, as an Artist who completes our program, you will not only learn complete Intro and Advanced Makeup Techniques on a variety of faces, but you will also receive 2 Certificates of Completion, "Hairstyling on Set" training AND professional photo shoot training with a professional photographer AND receive the images from those shoots to help you start an amazing portfolio!  Oh!  Did we forget to mention that last part?

That's right!  We haven't forgotten the most important part.  If you have no record of your work, then how are you supposed to book jobs?  And if you receive intensive makeup training, but you never learn how to apply it in the field, how are you supposed to have the confidence to market yourself for all of those amazing opportunities in our industry?  Like we mentioned before, this is an insanely hands-on certification program!  In addition to the opportunity to work on a professional photo shoot, we have arranged to include guest appearances from very influential professionals in the film and fashion industries who can tell you first hand what it takes to get hired and do your job well.  These are the actual people doing the hiring in this industry!  We know this seems like quite a bit to fit into 7 days, but you will love every minute of it!  You will leave us knowing that you have all of the tools necessary to make a career in Makeup Artistry.  

For a more comprehensive view of everything offered in our Certification Program, please click here.