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Full Professional Makeup Artistry Certification Program - Hands-On

  • South Bay LA Makeup Artistry Institute 3903 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite B Torrance, CA, 90505 United States (map)

This is the entire collection of modules all-in-one convenient package!  If you are aiming for a career in Professional Makeup Artistry, this is where you should start!

This is a 7-day program.  It is designed for the artist who wants to walk away with the foundation of what it takes to become successful in this field.  

Bonus:  Full professional makeup kit included in this class!!!

Module 1 - Intro to Airbrush Makeup

  • History of Airbrushing and why it's so necessary
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Learn the different formulations available and when to use them
  • Spot correction
  • Foundation application techniques
  • Blush Placement and how to correct over-applied blush easily
  • Highlight/Contour Placement and why its so easy!

Module 2 - Advanced Airbrush Makeup Techniques

  • Basic Airbrush Makeup review
  • Color Correction rules and when to break them
  • Tattoo Coverage
  • Airbrushing Eyes
  • "Hair-brushing" for quick color changes, gray coverage, thinning hair
  • and so much more!

Module 3 - Perfecting the Canvas - Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

  • Identify Facial Structure & Skin Types
  • Color Theory & Color Matching for ALL Skin Tones
  • Skin Prep 
  • Foundation Formulas and when to use them
  • Application techniques and understanding how to use your tools
  • Makeup for Mature Skin
  • Concealing techniques for several skin issues
  • Contouring/Highlighting
  • Understanding the different powders and when to use them
  • Setting/Sealing your work

Module 4 - Becoming a Bridal Makeup Artist

  • Bridal Makeup application techniques designed specifically for long-lasting results
  • Bridal Photography basics...Lighting, Filters, Indoor v. Outdoor, etc.
  • Wedding contracts, consultations, trials and the Big Day preparation/execution
  • Bridal marketing tips & Social Media Marketing
  • Pricing Strategies

Module 5 - Eyes, Lashes & Brows...Oh My!

  • Eye shapes & anatomy
  • Eye makeup preparation
  • Knowing your makeup brushes and how to use them
  • Eyeshadow application techniques and blending tips
  • Know your eyeliner formulations and how to apply them
  • Brow shapes and how to create them with pencils, powders, gels, pomades, etc.
  • False eyelash application and blending
  • Eye makeup through the ages and how to execute these looks

Module 6 - Hairstyling on Set

  • Essential tools & products for your kit
  • Blow drying techniques
  • Using a curling iron/wand to achieve different curl patterns
  • Flat ironing quickly and safely
  • 3 strand braids
  • Fishtail braids
  • How to execute a specialty hairstyle based off of a picture provided by the client/talent

Module 7 - Male Grooming

  • Discussing what is involved in Male Grooming
  • Skin prep & the products to have on hand
  • Achieving even coverage on the skin without looking/feeling excessively "made up"
  • Facial hair and how to work around it
  • Hairstyling products and how to achieve the basic male styles 
  • Addressing additional issues with male facial anatomy

Industry Basics to be covered in-depth

  • Intro to Media Makeup Artistry - Potential jobs in this industry
  • History of Makeup - Characteristics throughout the ages
  • What's in your Makeup Kit
  • Makeup Brushes, Tools, Materials, etc.
  • Fashion Editorial & Runway Makeup Techniques
  • Film & TV Makeup Techniques
  • Continuity on Set
  • Research & Inspiration
  • Etiquette on Set/Shoots/Backstage at Fashion Shows

Business Know How to be covered in-depth

  • Career Guidance
  • Business Building, Marketing, Networking
  • Portfolio Building
  • Collecting Your Work for Your Portfolio
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Social Media
  • Agencies and Unions

Total Investment (Professional Makeup Kit included):  

$2750.00 (50% deposit required to reserve your space in the studio) Click here to get enrolled!