Module 1 - Intro to Airbrush Makeup

  • History of Airbrushing and why it's so necessary
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Learn the different formulations available and when to use them
  • Spot correction
  • Foundation application techniques
  • Blush Placement and how to correct over-applied blush easily
  • Highlight/Contour Placement and why its so easy!

Module 2 - Advanced Airbrush Makeup Techniques

  • Basic Airbrush Makeup review
  • Color Correction rules and when to break them
  • Tattoo Coverage
  • Airbrushing Eyes
  • "Hair-brushing" for quick color changes, gray coverage, thinning hair
  • and so much more!

Module 3 - Perfecting the Canvas - Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

  • Identify Facial Structure & Skin Types
  • Color Theory & Color Matching for ALL Skin Tones
  • Skin Prep 
  • Foundation Formulas and when to use them
  • Application techniques and understanding how to use your tools
  • Makeup for Mature Skin
  • Concealing techniques for several skin issues
  • Contouring/Highlighting
  • Understanding the different powders and when to use them
  • Setting/Sealing your work

Module 4 - Becoming a Bridal Makeup Artist

  • Bridal Makeup application techniques designed specifically for long-lasting results
  • Bridal Photography basics...Lighting, Filters, Indoor v. Outdoor, etc.
  • Wedding contracts, consultations, trials and the Big Day preparation/execution
  • Bridal marketing tips & Social Media Marketing
  • Pricing Strategies

Module 5 - Eyes, Lashes & Brows...Oh My!

  • Eye shapes & anatomy
  • Eye makeup preparation
  • Knowing your makeup brushes and how to use them
  • Eyeshadow application techniques and blending tips
  • Know your eyeliner formulations and how to apply them
  • Brow shapes and how to create them with pencils, powders, gels, pomades, etc.
  • False eyelash application and blending
  • Eye makeup through the ages and how to execute these looks

Module 6 - Hairstyling on Set

  • Essential tools & products for your kit
  • Blow drying techniques
  • Using a curling iron/wand to achieve different curl patterns
  • Flat ironing quickly and safely
  • 3 strand braids
  • Fishtail braids
  • How to execute a specialty hairstyle based off of a picture provided by the client/talent

Module 7 - Male Grooming

  • Discussing what is involved in Male Grooming
  • Skin prep & the products to have on hand
  • Achieving even coverage on the skin without looking/feeling excessively "made up"
  • Facial hair and how to work around it
  • Hairstyling products and how to achieve the basic male styles 
  • Addressing additional issues with male facial anatomy

Industry Basics covered in all modules

Intro to Media Makeup Artistry - Potential jobs in this industry

History of Makeup - Characteristics throughout the ages

What's in your Makeup Kit

Makeup Brushes, Tools, Materials, etc.

Fashion Editorial & Runway Makeup Techniques

Film & TV Makeup Techniques

Continuity on Set

Research & Inspiration

Etiquette on Set/Shoots/Backstage at Fashion Shows

Business Know How covered in all modules

Career Guidance

Business Building, Marketing, Networking

Portfolio Building

Collecting Your Work for Your Portfolio

Portfolio Websites

Social Media

Agencies and Unions